Thrift Shopping 101- Three Tips That Every Thrifty Chic Should Know

thrift shopping

If someone where to ask me why I love thrift shopping  my answer would be, “There is nothing better than finding nice clothing at a fraction of the retail price”.  I will admit, it’s not easy to thrift shop, you have to know the ends and outs of it and honestly it can be exhausting and sometimes even disappointing.  But with a few pointers and a little patience you can become really good at it in no time.  Here are a few of my top thrifting tips for beginners:

Do Your Homework  

I have about 15 years of retail experience and I have been shopping since I was about 13 so I know brands and labels.  If you don’t, do a little research.  Spend a few minutes searching through department store websites looking at the top brand names and prices.  Doing this will help you recognize what is really a good deal and what isn’t.  You will learn things like getting a Top Shop tunic for 6.50 is a steal because it retails at Nordstrom’s for 55.00.

The Early Bird Get’s The Worm  

In this case the early thrifter finds the best deals.  Most thrift stores put out new stock every morning before the store opens.  If you want to find the best items, find out what time your local store opens, set your alarm, and be there when the doors open.

Your Cell Phone Is Your Best Friend  

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged when thrifting.  You will need it to google name brands and prices.  Not sure if that Vince Cumato pump is worth 15.00, google it, you can find out if it’s really a deal or if it’s something you can purchase brand new, for close to the same price.  If you can’t find the item, phone a friend for help.  All of us have that one friend that spends countless hours shopping, knows where every mall is located and the clearance or markdown schedule for all the stores in the mall.  That’s the person that can tell you if the item is worth purchasing.

If you don’t find anything the first time around don’t get discouraged.  One day you will stumble across that one pair of shoes, dress or handbag that will reassure you that it’s all worth it.

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