Rain, Rain Go Away

You see them everywhere now, in the latest fashion magazine’s, lining store shelves, on all the major style blogs….”the rain boot”.    What better way to bring some color and light into a dreary rainy day but with a splash of shiny color on your feet.  Not only do they keep your feet dry but a lot of the brands nowadays come already lined so they provide some comfort also.  I remember a time when you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing galoshes (that name doesn’t actually sound like anything I would want to wear) now they are a fashion staple.    They range in colors from candy apple red to robin’s egg blue and the prints you can find are endless.  Of course since I’m a bargain shopper, I’m going to do a little research before I guy out and pay over $100.00 bucks for a pair.  Brands like Ugg and Coach Outlet run sales throughout the year where you can get an additional percentage off.  If you just don’t care about them being designer you can find really cute one’s at Kohl’s and Target for less than $40.00.  Below are a few of my favorites under $50.00!

Outfit details:

  • Coat – Esprit / Thrifted $10.00
  • Jeans / Simply Vera Wang
  • Rain Boots / Ugg $40.00
  • Turtleneck sweater (with built in white shirt) / Simply Vera Wang




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