Fall Shopping With ThredUp

ThredUpI have been shopping with ThredUp for about a year now and they never disappoint when it comes to finding the seasons top trends at great prices.   Today I’m sharing the top three reasons why I love shopping with ThredUp.

  1.   Customized Thrift Shopping – When you first sign up on the site you are asked for your sizes (in clothing and shoes) and your brand preferences.  You only have to enter the information once and from that point on when you log on and search for items only items in your size will show, this is probably one of my favorite features.  I mean, how many of you have found the perfect article of clothing only to select the size and it’s sold out?  This won’t happen with ThredUp, if I search for a black sweater I know that only black sweaters in my size will be displayed.  I also like that on the bottom of my home page there are selections of clothing from my brand preferences or shopping history so I can just select from my favorite brands ( Women’s Brands )and go straight to their page to shop the latest new arrivals, again only in my size ( New Arrivals ).  How awesome is that!!!  ThredUP
  2. The Selection – When I say there is something for every budget, that’s what I mean.  I can honestly say that I have gone on the site with a budget of 40.00 and found up to 3 items (one of the items being a pair of shoes).    There are coats, shoes, handbags, sweaters, athletic wear, I could go on and on.   Weather you love Ann Taylor or Dolce and Gabanna you are sure to find your favorite clothing line represented on the site.ThredUP
  3. Return Policy – It’s simple.  If you don’t like and item you have 14 days to return it,  I am a thrifter, so I know how strict some thrift stores and consignment shops are when it comes to returning items.    With thredup, if I don’t like an item or let’s say the large I received fit more like a small, I am not married to the item, I can send it back for a store credit.  This works out well for me because I know I will find something to replace the item.ThredUP


Did I convince you to give it a try?  If the answer is yes you can use the discount code “THEBROWNCLOSET” when you check out for an additional 50% off a 50.00 purchase.  I have attached a few links below with similar items to the poncho I’m wearing and leather leopard tote.  If you have questions please feel free reach out to me.

Remember…#secondhandfirst …..happy shopping ladies!!!!


Similar Ponchos


Handbags and Totes




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