Counting the Cost of Cleaning Your Thrifted Finds

thrifted look

There are so many treasure to be found in a thrift store.  I have found brands from Calvin Klein to St. John.  The first thing I think about is if I’m really getting a bargain after I add the cost of the item and the amount I am going to pay for cleaning it.    For example, the cashmere sweater I’m wearing in this photo is  100% cashmere and the price was 3.50.  When I add the dry cleaning cost of 4.50 my total out of pocket will be 8.00.  Brand new this sweater would have cost me anywhere from 60.00 to 130.00 so yes, I knew I was getting a great deal.

Let’s say I find a nice silk sweater, the brand is a mall retail brand and the price is marked at 15.00.  Of course silk is dry clean only so I add an additional 4.50, my total is going to be 19.50.  I know that I can find a similar brand new sweater at the end of the season for 20 – 25.00.  I’m not going to spend 19.50 for a used one.

thrifted look

It is so very important to count the cost of cleaning your thrifted finds.   If I find a dry clean only item that costs more thrifted than I know I would pay new on sale, that item is staying right on the rack.  Thrifting is about saving money and if you are spending the same amount or more money on a used item than you would purchasing the same  item new then your not reaping the benefits of thrifting.

thrifted look

I really try to thrift items I can clean at home, this saves me a lot of money.  I often use dish detergent to hand wash delicate fabrics by hand and then hang them to dry.  When I have a really good thrift day, my bathroom shower rod is lined with all the great bargains I found.  My husband just loves these days…lol.  It’s a great practice to clean items as soon as you purchase them.  If you are anything like me the longer you let them sit in our closet the more likely you forget about them.  This leads to a huge stack of thrifted clothing that you never had a chance to wear.

I save a lot of money on dry cleaning by using coupons from my local paper and weekly mailers.  Some dry cleaners even take competitor coupons.  Find out the daily discount schedule for your local dry cleaners.   For instance, I know that the dry cleaners I use charge 2.00 for business shirts on Tuesdays. Any buttoned down shirts I thrift (that I don’t want to put in the washing machine) go to the cleaners on that specific day.

thrifted look

The trench coat that I’m wearing in this photo cost 10.00 and dry cleaning was 10.00.  I spotted it across the room on a rack in the middle of the floor.  The vibrant pink flowers immediately grabbed my attention.  I wasn’t sure how much it cost but I was pretty sure it was going home with me.  It’s a very nice coat with a lining making it perfect for our chilly fall and early spring weather.  It was definitely 20.00 well spent.

Happy Thrifting!


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