Making a Statement With My New Favorite Slogan T-Shirt

slogan t-shirt

Slogan t-shirts (aka statement tees) have become a closet staple.  They can be found everywhere from major retailers to yes, even thrift and consignment shops.  I feel that the fascination with them is being able to express exactly how you feel without having to say a word (if that makes sense).  For me, it’s a fun way to incorporate what I’m feeling or maybe what I believe in into my wardrobe.  Prices can range anywhere from 10 to 30 dollars.  Weather you pair your favorite slogan tee with jeans or a fancy skirt, you can definitely make the look your own.

One of my Instagram friends tagged me in a giveaway post several weeks ago.  This particular giveaway peaked my interest because it was for a free slogan t-shirt from True + Noble, a faith based online apparel company.   The lady that was sponsoring the giveaway was wearing a t-shirt that stated “Flawless” with the scripture Colossians 1:22 on the back.  I entered the giveaway, tagged as many of my friends that I could, as a result I won (YEAH ME)!

slogan t-shirt

Okay so now I actually go the website to select a t-shirt and WOW…..there were so many awesome t-shirts to choose from.  Long, sleeve, short sleeve, baseball tees (like the one I’m wearing), there was something for everyone.  There are also a variety of slogans to select from with a scripture that coincides with it on the back.   This is what you call slogan t-shirt heaven!

slogan t-shirt

I’m often curious as to how or why a person decides to pursue their passion and or purpose.  I reached out to the owner April Robinson and asked just that:

What was your inspiration for starting a faith based company (and or t-shirt line)?

“It all started one morning while doing my morning devotionals.  I was reading a verse and thought “that would make a cool t-shirt”.  Then another idea came to me within a couple of days and another and another…  I had been searching and asking God for a way to have a bigger impact with my life and felt these ideas were God’s answer.  So, without any training or background in the industry, I decided to start and see where God would take it.” 
What is our vision for your company/brand?
“My vision is to have fashionable faith-based apparel line that can be inspirational to both believers and non-believers.  My ultimate goal would be to sell my shirts in mainstream stores like Target (which just so happens to be my favorite retail store), but I’m grateful that his ways and thoughts are HIGHER than mine (Isaiah 55:8-9), so I’ll just have to wait and see what HE has planned for true + noble apparel.}
slogan t-shirt

God is truly awesome and I pray that April’s business will continue to grow and prosper.

Be sure to check out the site.  You know you need a new slogan t-shirt in your life!



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