Why I Love Thrifting

thriftingI could go on and on when asked why I love thrifting.  Today I’m sharing my top three reasons:

  1. A great way to add the seasons latest trends to your wardrobe at a fraction of the retail price.    Often times the latest trends are the most expensive items in retail stores.  For example, trench coats are really popular right now and retail for $50 and up.  You can easily find trench coats at local thrift stores for $10 – $20.
  2. You can always shop “in season” at thrift stores, just like you can at the mall.   Thrift stores stock their racks with clothes that are in season.  During the fall and winter months you can find sweaters, gloves, hats and coats.  The same goes for the spring and summer months, they have an abundance of shorts, capri’s, short sleeved tees and tanks.
  3. Want to try something new….thrift it!  Last week while thrifting I found a really cute purple dress.  Purple is my least favorite color to wear but at 5.00 I decided to try it.  Thrifting is a great way to try a new or different color, pattern, or style.  If you find that you don’t really like the item a lot of thrift stores have a generous return policy.  Often times if I thrift an item that doesn’t work out, I give it away or save it for my swap event.




Are you convinced yet to give your local thrift shop a try?  If or when you do send me an e-mail or leave a comment.  I would love to hear what you think.

Happy Thrifting!

Outfit Details:

  • Dress / Merona / Thrifted / 5.00
  • Burgundy Cardigan / Old Navy
  • Black Suede Wedge Booties / Franco Sarto / Thrifted / 6.00
  • Leather Tote / Tory Burch
  • Black Wool Scarf / H&M



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