Trying Out Healthy Meals with Fit Flavors

Back in November I received several healthy meals to try from the St. Louis based company Fit Flavors They specialize in creating healthy nutritious prepared meals. You can order online for pick up or delivery, or stop by one of their 3 locations.

Okay so now I’m going to be totally honest, while I did try all of the food that was sent Thanksgiving was right around the corner and eating healthy was the last thing on my mind so I decided to wait until after the holiday’s to share my thoughts (don’t judge

If you saw my IG story that I posted when I received the order you know that everything arrived in a nice cooler. It was so easy for me to stack the meals neatly into the refrigerator. Everything stayed fresh and all I had to do was place them in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Now for the most important question, “how did they taste”? The meals were really good! My friends and family all now that fashion is my first love but food is my second and I don’t play around with either. If the food does’t have flavor and taste good, I won’t eat it. Everything I tried were very flavorful and the portion sizes were perfect (I felt totally full after each meal).

Whether you are single and don’t like to do a lot of cooking or your like me, you cook dinner for your family but don’t always have time to prepare a healthy lunch to take to work, Fit Flavors is definitely a great option.

It’s a new year and my one and only goal is to make eating healthy a lifestyle. I definitely have Fit Flavors on my “to do” list for 2019!!!


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