Shopping the Flower Print Trend On A Budget

Flower Print Dress

The flower trend is going strong once again this spring. I never thought I would wear flowered clothing because a younger me never owned anything flower print. Well I must admit this forty plus mama is loving all the beautiful colorful flower prints popping up everywhere.

Flower Print Dress

Smart Shopping

My number one rule when shopping for trends is never spend a lot on an item you will only wear for one season. Unless you are really in to fashion and research upcoming trends in advance it’s best to play it safe. Smaller retail stores often carry the latest trends at a fraction of what you would pay at mass retailers. You definitely have to inspect the quality of the material when making purchases at these type of stores. Stay away from items that are poorly made (frayed or imperfect stitching) or flimsy materials. You could very well find a great deal only for the item to fall apart while washing it.

Flower Print Dress

Flower Power

I really wanted a flower print dress for the spring but since I’m a bargain shopper I wasn’t going to break the bank to buy one. When I saw this faux wrap midi dress at a local Rainbow store I knew I had to have it. Rainbow is one of my little best kept secrets when searching for trendy items on a budget. It came in a couple of different colors and best of all it was only 16.99. Since it’s the first of spring and still a little chilly out I paired it with a denim jacket but it’s three quarter length sleeves will be perfect in warmer weather. I will definitely get a lot of wear out of it this season making it well worth the amount I paid.

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