Over the years I have worked with two types of clients.  Client number one knows exactly what style of clothing she likes.   She has spent hours on Pinterest pinning photos of outfits that she loves. The only problem is she doesn’t know how to incorporate the looks into her current wardrobe.  Client number two is the exact opposite.  She struggles with wardrobe choices, desires to dress fashionable but doesn’t know where to start.   No matter which category you fall into I can help you. My job is to help you find your very own personal style.  I will work with you to teach you your body type, what clothing will work best for your lifestyle, and most importantly help you create a clothing budget.


Basic Style Session

My basic style consultation is perfect for someone who is great at shopping but maybe struggles with the styling aspect.  This service includes a body type analysis and 60 minute coaching session (one hour total).  I will work with you to maximize clothing that you already own.    After the session you will receive a digital out line and summary.  This will include photos of outfits I put together using your existing wardrobe.

Investment – $100.00


Closet Purge

This service includes a body type analysis, 60 minute coaching session and closet clean (3 hours total).  We will go through your entire closet and rid it of any clothing that you can no longer fit (due to weight loss or weight gain) or outdated pieces.  I will then show you how to work with the items you have as well as create a shopping list of clothing you can add  to make your wardrobe more functional.  I will dispose of  all the clothing and shoes that you no longer want (these items make great charity donations).  You will  receive a digital out line and summary, as well as photos of outfits comprised of clothing from your closet and new items from your shopping list.

Investment – $250.00


All Inclusive Styling

This service includes everything, a body type analysis, 60 minute coaching session, closet clean and my personal shopping service  (10 hours total).    During our coaching session we will discuss your shopping budget.  After we clean your closet and I will work within your budget to add needed items to your wardrobe.  I will then return at a scheduled time to show you (this is where the coaching comes in) how to mix and match your new items with the pieces you already own.    After our final meeting, you will receive a digital outline/summary, along with photos to assist you with putting your outfits together.

Investment $500.00 (clothing budget is not included in the investment amount)


Event Styling

Do you have a special event and don’t know what to wear?   Weather it be a wedding, business function, t.v. appearance or gala event, I can create a perfect look for any occasion.   Contact me for pricing.


“I wanted to upgrade my out dated wardrobe and move into a capsule wardrobe. I knew what I wanted my style to look like by pinning my vision on my Pinterest board. I ran into 2 major problems, I did not know how to execute my style vision and I needed to do all of this on a budget, as some of the styles that I pinned were very costly.
I follow The Brown Closet on Instagram and love the fact that Shonte is excellent at putting amazing outfits together for woman over 40 and still make them look current, trendy, fashionable and stylish. She does all of this on a budget! So I set an appointment with her, and she came to me. 
She listened to my concerns and saw my vision. She knew exactly what I wanted to achieve. She cleaned out my out dated clothes and came up with a plan to achieve my results within my budget and shopped for me.
When I tell you that the results were phenomenal! She captured my style to the T.
I was so impressed with the quality of clothes and the designers she were able to add to my capsule wardrobe. Shonte went above and beyond my expectation. I now feel confident, stylish and polished. I could have never achieved the results on my own.This is definitely Shonte’s gift! I highly recommend The Brown Closet for your style needs!”
 – Angela